I am an 6th generation Northern Arizona native. I come from a long lineage of impactful, pioneering, & tenacious humans who settled the Sedona and Verde Valley area in the 1870's. I am the great-great granddaughter of Charlie Willard & Suffragette Francis Willard Munds.

Born and raised in a once small town- I grew up riding horses, chasing sunsets and hiking to epic waterfalls. I live for the sweet solace of nature and her healing embrace. When I am not working, you will not find me, because I will be off-grid, hiking a sunset summit with my dog Lady.

Formerly a yoga festival, yoga brand and event director turned Marketing Manager for high-end hotels. Today, I help individuals & businesses tell their unique story as beautiful commemorative art. No project is too large or small, if the intention is pure and meaningful. With over ten years experience as a professional photographer, together we can make the world a better place, with love. #photographywithlove



“My fiancee and I had an engagement photoshoot with Leah and it was one of the best photoshoots that I have ever had! She made it fun and light hearted, showing us where to stand/pose. There was never any confusion with what to do with our hands or expressions. She would let us know if something looked off with the photo and would tell us how to stand differently to make it look better.
I had a blast and the photos show it! There is true happiness and excitement in every photo!
I would HIGHLY recommend.”